Sunday, March 11, 2012

Buccaneers: The Project Thus Far

I've begun to commit a lot of time and energy into this still untitled short film project, and I wanted to talk a little bit about it. It is a simple enough story, about the relationship between a father and his son. The father is an overworked man, but his son is still very important to him. They continue to share an annual traditional fishing trip wherein the two play “pirate” together, though the son has far outgrown this phase of his life. This years trip is cut short however when the pair stumble across a treasure chest that naturally lures some very real pirates to the father-son duo. The father and son must work together to escape safely, and in the end find a new way to bond, albeit still slightly unorthodox.

The trappings around this story have changed over the course of my working on it, how we get from A to B, little plot points here and there, etc. but the core concept has remained the same: A father obsessed with one facet of his son's life, so much so that he hasn't noticed that his son has moved on. Obviously my own relationships have informed the story, and the fact that it revolves around pirates is also due to my own interest. It's true that artists put themselves into their work, but I wanted that to be especially true for this project.

I haven't thought extensively about a soundtrack yet (sound design and the like are not my forte), but I would like it to possibly be informed by Mediterranean or even Celtic music. The son is learning to play an acoustic guitar, so form of reoccurring arpeggio or chord progression would be included. There are moments of comedy, moments of adventure, as well as some somber moments. It'll be an interesting and difficult challenge, as the story will be reliant on a marriage of the visuals and a cohesive score to explain to the events to the audience, as there is no dialog in the piece.

This piece is keeping me excited and motivated though, and I'm really enjoying the time spent on it.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Animation: Odds and Ends

Just some further tweaking on two previous animations.

The puppet rig of my "Dad" character is now acting along to the lip sync, albeit better in some parts than others

And I continued to work on the Pirate Cap'n as well, this one being hand drawn. I added some temp colors too him, too

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Animation: Rig Experiments

Lately we've been learning about/experimenting with Toon Boom Harmony's puppet rig/deformation capabilities in class, and this is the result of that, thus far. Soon he'll be acting along to the lip sync, but I wanted to get that part done first, using the drawing substitution method.

Tyler's Animation Alphabet: C

Here's this week's entry: C

Cats Don't Dance!