Sunday, April 1, 2012

Buccaneer Progress Report: Dad Turnaround and "Ben" Process Sketches

Just some more work done for the Buccaneer short in between doing layout for the scenes.

Also I'm still sort of struggling with the son, who I've deemed "Ben" for no real good reason (he kinda looks like a "Ben", no?)

I just feel that he is visually boring compared to the Dad and the Cap'n, both of whom I'm pretty happy with at this point. so here are some sketches of me trying to "find" what Ben is going to look like in the final version. I think i'm getting closer with this newest incarnation
I'm trying to make his body shape some sort of rounded triangle, and just adding rounded points to him in general. I'm pretty close to being happy with it, but i think it can still be pushed.

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  1. This story is really coming along, and I'm glad that your awesome enough to not settle on the first design of a character! The revamped one looks great, and his attire matches that his personality looks to be like.