Thursday, May 30, 2013

Epoch O'Harah: Larry's Aliases

Being the eccentric young man that he is, Larry often cloaks himself in other personas to express himself. With his new design, I wanted to try drawing some of them out again.

We have "Agent O'Harah", Larry's operative name under the Garden Gnome Liberation Front banner, as well as any other espionage-related tasks

Lawrence is Larry's real name, and this is his home attire. Larry hails from a wealthy family, and as such, puts on airs while at home with his grandmother and grandfather, to keep them appeased.

Larryoharahman is Larry's superhero alter ego. He titled it himself. Somehow, most people still don't know that he and Larry are the same person. Go figure

"Lawless" is the name Larry uses for street fights and any other combat scenario. There aren't many, but he wanted to name it anyway. He's also ripped on occasion.

Cap'n O'Harah is Larry's seafaring and general cryptozoological hunter persona. Call him Ishmael.

Laurentius O'Harricus is Larry's attempt at being a deep, intellectual, philisophical individual. Painted on moustache and all. He creates this image of himself out of envy of his cousin, Kingston Sinclaire III.

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