Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sketches - 3/25/2014

Been a while since I've uploaded anything here, so I figured I'd compile a bunch of the loose sketches on my desktop over the past few months:

Just doodling faces one day, loosening up.

Tried visualizing a DnD character of an upcoming campaign. Name's Preskot, goes by Scotty.

Been listening to a lot of Bo Burnham's latest album, "what", and I was particularly inspired by Left Brain, Right Brain, and think it'd make for cool animation fodder. I'll try my hand at it at some point. For now, here's some sketches I did while thinking about it:

Also, I continue to think on my American Sign Language based super hero. Still trying to nail down a look that I enjoy/think fits the material and tone I'd like to strike. I'mt starting to get close to something I like, but they could still do with further simplifying/stylizing. Her name, "Louise Clark", is loosely inspired by Louis Laurent Marie Clerc, "The Apostle of the Deaf" and co-founder of the American School for the Deaf.

That's all for now!


  1. This is Amazing do you do any work for %Percentage of Final SALES & Big Name Credits?

  2. Waywardtravler777@Facebook/Yahoo/Youtube