Thursday, November 3, 2011

Design For Media Ron Saks Project, Week 04: FINAL

I managed to finish on schedule!

Included in this post is the storyboard/animatic in both PDF and Video form. Unfortunately, Vimeo won't allow me to post anything above 500mb, so I had to turn to Youtube, as I don't have the means to compress the video before this is due. I'll go back this weekend and upload to Vimeo for better quality

Untill then, here is the Youtube version:

and here is the PDF, for your viewing pleasure:


and lastly, here is the original version, again, from last year if you'd like a better idea of how it was improved, or maybe not improved:

There are aspects of both that I like, but I feel this new on is the superior version


  1. Friggin' awesome. Reads well, looks good. Absolutely cool.

  2. Very cute and has great timing, good job Tyler!