Monday, October 31, 2011

Character Design: Don't Feed the Animals

some of the images I made during a 2 week group project wherein we had to design 7 characters that fit together into a film of which we had to have a loose plot worked out. From there we had to illustrate 3 scene ideas

The film my group came up with was of a young girl who discovers an shady underground "lunchbox cartel" while on a school trip to the zoo. She discovers that not only can the animals talk, but they are all forced into collecting children's lunchboxes for an evil emperor penguin. The penguin once found a RingPop, and has searched his entire life for another, and it just so happens our young heroine is in possession of one.

My contribution was designing a pushover pachyderm, this poor elephant who's bossed around by the penguin. He is paranoid and rarely sleeps. He befriends the girl, thinking she can rescue him from the zoo and get him away from the penguin.

I also pitched a scene where all the animals are attempting to escape the zoo, but are cut off by the zookeeper. The girls only friend (originally), the sparrow, see's some funnel cake on the ground (of which he's become horribly addicted), and flies off towards it, and towards danger