Sunday, October 16, 2011

Character Design: Redesign a Character! (plus a bit of animation)

An assignment from character design, take a character who's design we're not particularly fond of and try to improve it.

I chose to rework Gwen Tennyson from "Ben 10: Alien Force". Here are my results:

I was really disappointed when the show was revamped in 2008 to age the characters and make them more "angsty" (read:generic). Gwen in particular got a weird design, given that her facial structure is almost identical to her male teammates. I also didn't understand and was put off by her 180 degree shift in personality from a snobbish, feisty, confidant girl with a believable "cousinly" relationship with Ben, to a shrewish "team secretary", boring love-interest to the brooding, "misunderstood" character, Kevin.

My thought process while working on this was trying to evolve the character in the opposite direction of how it actually happened. Basically I wanted her to maintain some of her qualities from the original series, which is why I included a picture of her as a kid as well. I wanted to make her more confidant, a bit feisty looking, and able to hold her own. She does fight in the series, but personally looking at the design they gave her I don't really believe it. I wanted her to look like she would be more comfortable in a fight, so I started to draw inspiration from characters like Kim Possible (a bit too much in one costume design, perhaps) and even Katara from Avatar. Katara in particular, because she fills a similar maternal role, but still works as an action character.

Let me know what you think of the results!

Also, when I was trying to brainstorm from this assignment, I also filled my time starting on a walk cycle. It's going to be a guy at a beach who doesn't particularly care to be there. I want to push his poses a bit further to really get his depression across, maybe even drag his feet some.

enjoy, I guess.

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