Sunday, October 2, 2011

Character Design: The Final Frontier!

Our latest assignment in character design, do a 3/4 front and back view of 3 character archetypes: hero, comic relief, villain. We were then assigned the genre of SPACE WESTERN for all these characters to fit into.

I started out just coming up with a barebones story to fit the characters into, for my own purposes: Older character finds hero as orphaned baby in space wreckage, raises baby, they're both looking for some legendary mineral/substance, Villain starts traveling with them to find this mineral/substance for his own dark purposes.

Here are some sketches I liked, most of which didn't make the cut along the way (namely the snakeoil salesman being the comic relief, and the older man who found the child actually being the villain) I was also playing around with who would have the cybernetic eyes, the hero or the villain:

and here are the results for the three characters:


I like to listen to certain stuff while working, and when trying to come up with characters or what-have-you, I like to listen to music with the same tone or "genre" as that which I am working on. Luckily for me, I played Bastion over the Summer, with an incredible soundtrack that gives the feel of a space western pretty well. I wanted to include a couple of the tracks I was listening to while sketching ideas:

if you like what you hear, please actually by the soundtrack from them rather than listening on youtube or elsewhere,
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