Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Epoch O'Harah, Part II

The now titled The Epoch O'Harah details the life of Larry O'Harah, and his budding friendship with Kate Anderson. It's a slice of a very quirky life.

Larry lives with his grandparents and his younger sister, Lynette. Larry's best friend is Steve Anderson, and his sworn enemy is his own cousin, Kingston Sinclaire III.

a recent redesign of Larry, Kate, and Steve

further sketching, with Kate, Steve, Kingston, and Lynette
The most current form of Larry and Kate
The story is still in the works, but Larry and Kate meet when she and her father are turned out by her mother and forced to live with Steve's family. She becomes a tag-along with Larry, Lynette and Steve's various schemes and adventures to stave off boredom.

Larry and Kingston share a secret, one that isn't ready to be revealed, that provides the "catch" to this cartoony SitCom. For now you'll just have to stay tuned.

The most important thing in this series for me is the rapport and chemistry of it's two main characters, and I sketched these out to convey their dynamic:

So that's where Larry, Kate, and Co. are as of now. I'll keep working at them, and share more as they continue to develop.

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