Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Design For Media, Week 04: Carolyn and Carter, "The Twins"

For this week's panel, which is also the final panel, I ended up deciding to to give attention to Carrie and Carter, whom I've been considering as a single organism known as "The Twins". These two are inseparable and act similarly, so just think of them as a single character. They are both quiet, well mannered kids, who are terrified of Sasha:

For their panel, I wanted to get a little more personality out of them than I perhaps had been with previous entries. When thinking them up, I was considering them to basically be unwilling lackies for Sasha. Their mother is a friend of Sasha's mother, so much to The Twins' chagrin, they are often set up with playdates with the terrible "princess" Sasha, including being the only other kids at Sasha's birthday party

Here they are pictured cowering under her imposing shadow:

Later this week I'll be combining and posting all 4 panels in a series together.

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