Friday, September 2, 2011

Out With The Old...

This year I have very lofty personal goals. I'm going to be striving to create animations, characters, and stories that I can show proudly, which in turn will increase my overall skills as an artist/animator. I'm putting more emphasis into "appeal" and "iteration" as goals for my projects, as well as effort into making the projects more complete as a whole

With that, I'm posting this videos as a "starting point" for me both to inspire advancement this year, and to look back upon to gauge my improvements (hopefully)

My final project from my first animation class, basic acting, timing, character designs, terrible/rushed backgrounds (one of my weakest links), etc. all things to improve upon

A loop of animation done in my free time last semester, because i wasn't enrolled in any animation classes. I wanted to have two characters doing the same dance (a dance from the music video for the song being played), but also to try and personalize/differentiate the dance between the two characters.

An animatic for a short-story/music video I'd like to animate eventually. I'm more or less happy with how it turned out, but it can definitely be improved upon before I put it into "production". I've had plenty of ideas of how to improve various shots and make some of the storytelling more clear after analysing this dozens of times

So that's my gameplan, whoever you are who decides to read this. This time next year I hope to have improved exponentially from where I currently am, and I'm committed to putting the time in to do so.

Look forward to better works from me in the near future!


  1. Looking forward to seeing more on here!

  2. Indeed, to what Amberlee said! I love Crowley Creations! Draw on, Ty.

  3. it is very cool that you want to do this type of character design! it is fun and fun to watch!